True Nature

A modern day rite of passage for young women aged 11-15

Do you remember the challenges in your life as an older girl? The awkward years between 11 and 15, when you were trying to make sense of the adult world?

How would it have been for you to have wise, reliable adults other than your parents to talk freely with?

Would it have made a difference for your teenage years  if you had a friendship group of peers that accepted each other in vulnerability, saw your gifts and supported your growth?

Would you have felt more capable as a woman if you learned to trust yourself, your friends and your own capacities?

Imagine if you had learned communication skills, conflict resolution, listening and being heard; knowing your voice has a valid place, knowing you are worthy.

How would you have felt if you had also learned to make a fire, track animals, build structures? Strong? Resilient? Capable?

If this sounds like something you wish you had had, or something you know a young woman now would gain from, please support us. Donate to your past self here and help us by sharing this post to families that have a girl in this age range.

Your donations will help to create need-based scholarship opportunities for young women to participate in our programme, please click on the donate button and give what you can. 

These bursaries are prioritized for participants from underrepresented communities including (but not limited to) Indigenous peoples from around the world, people from refugee/migrant families, people with disabilities, people who identify as LGBTQ2IA+, people transitioning out of foster care, among other communities. We recognize that systemic barriers, along with the cost, can make this program inaccessible for many people


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